Two More Days

It looks like we are in for a weeks worth of heat starting Saturday. They say it should be 90 degrees by 11:00 in the morning. So, we are going to open at 6:00 AM Saturday if you want to come early. If you want to come before that, please call us Friday and set it up.

Nancy took this picture of a hummingbird drinking from a sprinkler today. You can hear different birds in the background. If you think it is peaceful and there are a lot of birds on normal days, try 6:00 on a Saturday morning.

Saturday will definitely be our last day, and this will be my last post for the season. I will start again next April, God willing.

We have appreciated your business and your conversations. Some of you have been picking since 2009.  Many of you have become our friends and we look forward to seeing you each year.

If you are looking for a good place to be on Sunday morning, try Hickman Community Church 854 I St, Hickman, CA 95323. There are a lot of young families and some old ones like us and Andy preaches the Word. For more information visit the website  The main service starts at 10:15 and if you are interested in maturing, try the Equipping Hour which starts at 9:00.

Thanks and God Bless You!


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