Trying to guess the end of the season

Hello everyone,

People keep asking me how long the season will go and I keep telling them “until we run out of berries”, which is true but not really helpful. Maybe 4 more days is better (I’m writing this Tue evening).

At this point we plan to stay open through Saturday 6/17. As you know, we are closed Sunday and it is supposed to be getting very hot Sunday and the entire next week so I expect Saturday is our last day. When it gets hot, not as many people come to pick and I don’t blame them. The heat also speeds up the ripening process so we will have more and more over-ripe berries.

I hope that helps you that are waiting until the last minute. Four more days!

For those that were signed up to receive this blog on their e-mail, I hope you were able to get out here toward the beginning of the season this year.

We would appreciate any comments on having the blog sent out by email. Is it useful or annoying or do you have suggestions to make it better?

I’ll post at least once more this season¬†with a definite end-of-season date.

God Bless You All


2 thoughts on “Trying to guess the end of the season

  1. Kellie Swier

    I enjoy the emails. Helps remind me to gonpicking. We got there a few days after y’all opened and it was hot then but we came early! Thanks for all you do , the blueberries were delicious and didn’t last long in our home!

  2. Heidi Aquino

    My family and 4 of our friends families made it out early in the season because of the email. We appreciate it. Keep ‘me coming!


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