Opening day for You-Pick is Monday May 9

Opening Day is Monday!

We believe enough berries will be ripe for you to come and pick on Monday. Evidently the spring rain moved our start date back closer to its normal Mid-May date. We have had some blue berries, but they were scattered and still tart so we have held off the start date. I believe you will be pleased with what is available now

If you will be picking for a fruit stand this year, please call Nancy at 209-534-8543 today if possible.

Some of you replied to a previous post that you would like to have a way to buy gift certificates so we added that ability to our website.  I meant to send out a post before now announcing the gift certificate and apologize that it is so late, but you could still get one for your mother or sister or aunt to give her on Mother’s Day.  Go to or click on the “eGift Cards” button on the first page.

A word of caution. We have spread shredded wood out on the walk ways to help keep dust down and moisture in, so it will be best to have shoes with closed toes. We have always discouraged flip-flops and they may be even less comfortable this year.

picture taken 7:00 AM Thursday May 5th 20160505_065501

God is Good!


Getting ready

Well, we started spreading the 800 cubic yards of wood chips out into the field. If you have been here before you will notice that right now the pile takes up the entire parking area! It feels kind of like emptying the pool with a teaspoon, but we will get there. Look at how narrow the trailer is! The Kubota tractor is only 38″ wide.


We have a few berries turning blue but they aren’t sweet yet and most of them are small and green. Nancy’s guess of starting on 9 May could be close.

See you soon,


First Blue Berry

I found ONE Blue Blueberry yesterday! All the rest are green berries. Strange to have one ripe when none of the others have even a hint of being ripe. God’s promise of what is to come I guess. None of the others are even slightly red.

No, I can’t show you a picture of the berry. Mario ate it!  One of the benefits of working at a blueberry farm. He said it was a little tart still, but good.

We started getting our irrigation water from the canal this week. By God’s grace the reservoirs we draw our irrigation water from have received more water this year. Our allocation is 36″ this year compared to 16″ last year. We usually only use 16″ to 18″ because we use drip irrigation. Last year was the first time we have been close to running out. Of course we have to irrigate in the spring before there is water in the canal, and in the fall after the canals are empty, so we use our domestic well for that water. Fortunately, during the Spring and Fall the demand isn’t as great so this method works for us. I didn’t include the water from our well in the 16″ because it isn’t counted against our allocation. In reality we probably use about 20″ per year altogether.

It’s been raining all night and we are up to about 3/4″ so far. The forecast says we could get as much as 1.5 inches which would be real nice. It will be interesting to see how much the rain and cooler temperatures will slow down the ripening process.

We are thinking about offering gift cards, but don’t know how much interest there is. If any of you have opinions or methods you would recommend, we would appreciate any feedback. Please send it to Thanks!

By God’s Grace,


Blueberries growing

Well I promised you a picture on this post and here it is.


This is actually a picture from when it rained last so it is a few days old. 

The berries are still growing but we have about a month left to go until they will be ripe.

We got the 300 new South Moon plants in the ground and I think they are all still alive.

The gophers continue to be a problem but I think I have a guy coming to fight them starting Saturday. The neighbor was using my CO machine but when I needed the machine he went back to traps. He has caught about 50 in the last two weeks using the traps.

Until next time,


First Post of 2016 Blueberry Season

Welcome back to our blog!

The blueberries are abundant this year and the largest ones are already the size of small peas. I’ll include a picture on the next blog.

As you know if you have been following the blog, our primary variety is the Star and we have been using Sharp Blue as pollinators. We do have a few hundred other plants such as Suziblue and Springhigh. Friday we planted about 100 Southmoon plants and Today (Sat.) I am headed back out to plant another 200, if I don’t run out of time and energy. Southmoon is a little later than the Stars and has excellent flavor according to blind taste testing.

We have had quite a few people come toward (or after) the end of the season and complain that they didn’t know we had opened, so we set up a way you can sign up for notifications. If you are signed up, you should have already received one email and also this blog post.

We are anticipating opening the week after Mother’s Day but we will see how the season progresses.

Have a blessed day.





flag imageThis picking season has come to an end for Blueberry Bluff due to the weather. We thank everyone who came out for the berries, and we hope you come back next year. The typical season starts around Mother’s day, so sign up for our news letter, or keep an eye on the website to know when we are scheduled to open in the spring.

Have a great summer!

Season winding down

Well it looks like we are going to be closing early this year. I guess it makes sense because we did start early.

The Star variety bushes are mostly picked, though you can still find berries. Some fruit stands sent their pickers this morning with orders to pick 45 buckets, and the pickers actually know better than I how much is left. When I ask where the good ones are I get the same kind of response as asking a fisherman where his favorite fishing spot is.

We have just begun picking the Sharp Blue variety and we have nine (9) rows of that variety. The berries are a little smaller but there are plenty of them.

It is going to be hot this week, so if you want to come earlier in the morning, you are welcome to start as early as 6:00 am.

So, unless you hear otherwise we plan to be open through Saturday June 13, 2015. You can always call us of course. The best number is Nancy’s Cell at 209-534-8543.

Thank you for visiting our farm and picking our blueberries. We hope you enjoy them.



Two Varieties

We have mostly two varieties of Blueberries.

The Star Variety ripens first, fairly consistently, and lasts for about a month. We have been picking since the 1st, and probably 75 to 80 percent of the berries on those plants have been picked. Fortunately we have almost 7 acres so there are literally tons left. God has been gracious to send us many berry hungry people this year and they have been picking a lot. I am guessing that the Stars will be available for about another week or so.

The second variety is the Sharp Blue which is just now ripe enough to pick from. These berries ripen as individuals instead of in bunches so you have to be more careful when picking in order to only get the ripe ones. They tend to ripen over about two months if the weather is cool, but they don’t handle temperatures over 100 degrees very well, so how they grow and ripen is very temperature dependent. They could last through June or maybe even Mid July.

Sorry about the time gap since the last post. Like I said, it has been very busy.



Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello again,

The berries are nice this year


and we have had a lot of customers. It is only May 5th, and we didn’t open till May 5th last year. This is really only our 4th day and we are tired already. It might be because we are getting old, but I’m going to blame it on the hours. Some fruitstand pickers arrive before daybreak so they don’t have to work in the heat, and Nancy is weighing out a customer now at almost 8:30 PM -in the dark. 

I am guessing we have weighed out almost 10,000 pounds so far.



They are talking rain on Wed night or Thursday, which makes sense because the cherries are getting ripe and it seems like it always rains on ripe cherries.  Rain will make the ripest of the blueberries split if the wind doesn’t blow it off fast enough. However, unlike cherries the blueberry skin heals in a couple days and if you leave them on the cane they don’t go bad. So rain shouldn’t hurt us very much and we desperately need the moisture.

Guess I better go start the irrigation. At this point I won’t get finished till almost 10:00 PM and 5:20 AM will be here shortly after.

Bye for now, Harry

Opening Day

Had a lot of fruit stands send their pickers and they found some beautiful berries. Haven’t totaled yet but I am guessing they picked over 200 – 12 pound buckets.

Several You-Pick families and individuals stopped by as well. I think all of them (or at least the leader of the group) were regulars that come every year. They got some nice berries as well.

Here are a handful.blueberries in hand sm