Monthly Archives: May 2017

Special Days

Hello Everyone,

We are having a good season. Not quite as many berries this year but larger. Of course by now, many of the largest ones have already been picked. We should be open a couple more weeks anyway.

Special Days. This Saturday May 27 we will be closing at 1:00 so we can attend a wedding. So, if you are planning to come on Saturday, come early. Sunday we will be closed as always, but Monday (Memorial Day) we will be OPENĀ all day.

All the best.


I’m writing this early Saturday Morning.

As I anticipated, the heat has sped up the ripening process. However, the weather report says it will be cooler today and that there is a chance of rain this evening and tomorrow. If it does rain the ripe ones will split and it takes two or three days for them to heal and the ripening of the others will slow down. It looks like we will probably open next Thursday the 11th instead of Monday the 15th. We will send out another update before then.

We put out more ground-up wood on the walkways this year, but it is still better to wear shoes instead of flip-flops.

If you are one of the first ones here, you will probably get to see a lot of birds. They are busy trying to get as many berries as they can before you get here.


Looking forward to seeing you again!