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End of 2016 Season

Hello Everyone,

Sorry this post is late. We have indeed decided Saturday, June 18th is our last day for the season. Not many pickers came this week when it was cool, and next week it is supposed to be hot so we don’t expect many would come even if we stayed open. If you really want  to pick some berries please call Nancy and see if she can make you an appointment. If she can, the times/days available will be limited, and we won’t be letting anyone in to pick after the 24th.

bucket 6-15-2016

Pictures of berries picked Wednesday 6/15/16

We really appreciate all of you coming to pick at Blueberry Bluff and have enjoyed our conversations. Many of you have become our friends and it is enjoyable seeing you year after year.

Don’t forget that you can purchase Gift Cards of almost any amount online by going to the link at the top of our website. It might be nice for that person who has everything. Or an easy way to say thank you to almost anyone.

We hope you enjoy the blueberries you have picked this year. More than that we pray you experience God’s grace, peace, and hope in your lives.

Till next year.


Pictures I forgot

Wow, I’m posting two days in a row!

It was a relatively slow day today but people still picked 548 pounds and they actually looked pretty good.

I would recommend full shoes and if you are going to hunt through the 7′ tall grass for the better berries you will probably want long sleeves.

A picker gave me a couple of picturesImg_0398r for the blog from our opening day and I just realized today that I got busy and never posted them. Here they are and thanks for the pictures.IMG_0394 (1)

Trying to Determine End of Season

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for visiting our site and thank you for picking our blueberries. We still have a lot of berries, maybe 10,000 lbs, but the big ones on top have mostly been picked leaving smaller ones easy to pick and the larger ones hiding underneath and in the areas where there are more weeds.

I have to apologize for the weeds. I was trying not to use ANY weed spray, and they have grown “better” than any other year.

We are thinking that this Saturday the 18th may be our last day of the season. However, if people are still happy with what they are picking we may go longer. It is a challenge to find the balance between getting as many picked as possible, and getting back to cultivating, fertilizing, and pruning so we are ready for next year.

We have several items that have been left here. One particularly nice green A’s warm-up is one of them. Call us if it is yours, or if you have left something else.

Grace and Peace,