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Opening day for You-Pick is Monday May 9

Opening Day is Monday!

We believe enough berries will be ripe for you to come and pick on Monday. Evidently the spring rain moved our start date back closer to its normal Mid-May date. We have had some blue berries, but they were scattered and still tart so we have held off the start date. I believe you will be pleased with what is available now

If you will be picking for a fruit stand this year, please call Nancy at 209-534-8543 today if possible.

Some of you replied to a previous post that you would like to have a way to buy gift certificates so we added that ability to our website.  I meant to send out a post before now announcing the gift certificate and apologize that it is so late, but you could still get one for your mother or sister or aunt to give her on Mother’s Day.  Go to or click on the “eGift Cards” button on the first page.

A word of caution. We have spread shredded wood out on the walk ways to help keep dust down and moisture in, so it will be best to have shoes with closed toes. We have always discouraged flip-flops and they may be even less comfortable this year.

picture taken 7:00 AM Thursday May 5th 20160505_065501

God is Good!