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Getting ready

Well, we started spreading the 800 cubic yards of wood chips out into the field. If you have been here before you will notice that right now the pile takes up the entire parking area! It feels kind of like emptying the pool with a teaspoon, but we will get there. Look at how narrow the trailer is! The Kubota tractor is only 38″ wide.


We have a few berries turning blue but they aren’t sweet yet and most of them are small and green. Nancy’s guess of starting on 9 May could be close.

See you soon,


First Blue Berry

I found ONE Blue Blueberry yesterday! All the rest are green berries. Strange to have one ripe when none of the others have even a hint of being ripe. God’s promise of what is to come I guess. None of the others are even slightly red.

No, I can’t show you a picture of the berry. Mario ate it!  One of the benefits of working at a blueberry farm. He said it was a little tart still, but good.

We started getting our irrigation water from the canal this week. By God’s grace the reservoirs we draw our irrigation water from have received more water this year. Our allocation is 36″ this year compared to 16″ last year. We usually only use 16″ to 18″ because we use drip irrigation. Last year was the first time we have been close to running out. Of course we have to irrigate in the spring before there is water in the canal, and in the fall after the canals are empty, so we use our domestic well for that water. Fortunately, during the Spring and Fall the demand isn’t as great so this method works for us. I didn’t include the water from our well in the 16″ because it isn’t counted against our allocation. In reality we probably use about 20″ per year altogether.

It’s been raining all night and we are up to about 3/4″ so far. The forecast says we could get as much as 1.5 inches which would be real nice. It will be interesting to see how much the rain and cooler temperatures will slow down the ripening process.

We are thinking about offering gift cards, but don’t know how much interest there is. If any of you have opinions or methods you would recommend, we would appreciate any feedback. Please send it to Thanks!

By God’s Grace,


Blueberries growing

Well I promised you a picture on this post and here it is.


This is actually a picture from when it rained last so it is a few days old. 

The berries are still growing but we have about a month left to go until they will be ripe.

We got the 300 new South Moon plants in the ground and I think they are all still alive.

The gophers continue to be a problem but I think I have a guy coming to fight them starting Saturday. The neighbor was using my CO machine but when I needed the machine he went back to traps. He has caught about 50 in the last two weeks using the traps.

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