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First Post of 2016 Blueberry Season

Welcome back to our blog!

The blueberries are abundant this year and the largest ones are already the size of small peas. I’ll include a picture on the next blog.

As you know if you have been following the blog, our primary variety is the Star and we have been using Sharp Blue as pollinators. We do have a few hundred other plants such as Suziblue and Springhigh. Friday we planted about 100 Southmoon plants and Today (Sat.) I am headed back out to plant another 200, if I don’t run out of time and energy. Southmoon is a little later than the Stars and has excellent flavor according to blind taste testing.

We have had quite a few people come toward (or after) the end of the season and complain that they didn’t know we had opened, so we set up a way you can sign up for notifications. If you are signed up, you should have already received one email and also this blog post.

We are anticipating opening the week after Mother’s Day but we will see how the season progresses.

Have a blessed day.