Monthly Archives: June 2015

flag imageThis picking season has come to an end for Blueberry Bluff due to the weather. We thank everyone who came out for the berries, and we hope you come back next year. The typical season starts around Mother’s day, so sign up for our news letter, or keep an eye on the website to know when we are scheduled to open in the spring.

Have a great summer!

Season winding down

Well it looks like we are going to be closing early this year. I guess it makes sense because we did start early.

The Star variety bushes are mostly picked, though you can still find berries. Some fruit stands sent their pickers this morning with orders to pick 45 buckets, and the pickers actually know better than I how much is left. When I ask where the good ones are I get the same kind of response as asking a fisherman where his favorite fishing spot is.

We have just begun picking the Sharp Blue variety and we have nine (9) rows of that variety. The berries are a little smaller but there are plenty of them.

It is going to be hot this week, so if you want to come earlier in the morning, you are welcome to start as early as 6:00 am.

So, unless you hear otherwise we plan to be open through Saturday June 13, 2015. You can always call us of course. The best number is Nancy’s Cell at 209-534-8543.

Thank you for visiting our farm and picking our blueberries. We hope you enjoy them.