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Two Varieties

We have mostly two varieties of Blueberries.

The Star Variety ripens first, fairly consistently, and lasts for about a month. We have been picking since the 1st, and probably 75 to 80 percent of the berries on those plants have been picked. Fortunately we have almost 7 acres so there are literally tons left. God has been gracious to send us many berry hungry people this year and they have been picking a lot. I am guessing that the Stars will be available for about another week or so.

The second variety is the Sharp Blue which is just now ripe enough to pick from. These berries ripen as individuals instead of in bunches so you have to be more careful when picking in order to only get the ripe ones. They tend to ripen over about two months if the weather is cool, but they don’t handle temperatures over 100 degrees very well, so how they grow and ripen is very temperature dependent. They could last through June or maybe even Mid July.

Sorry about the time gap since the last post. Like I said, it has been very busy.



Busy, Busy, Busy

Hello again,

The berries are nice this year


and we have had a lot of customers. It is only May 5th, and we didn’t open till May 5th last year. This is really only our 4th day and we are tired already. It might be because we are getting old, but I’m going to blame it on the hours. Some fruitstand pickers arrive before daybreak so they don’t have to work in the heat, and Nancy is weighing out a customer now at almost 8:30 PM -in the dark. 

I am guessing we have weighed out almost 10,000 pounds so far.



They are talking rain on Wed night or Thursday, which makes sense because the cherries are getting ripe and it seems like it always rains on ripe cherries.  Rain will make the ripest of the blueberries split if the wind doesn’t blow it off fast enough. However, unlike cherries the blueberry skin heals in a couple days and if you leave them on the cane they don’t go bad. So rain shouldn’t hurt us very much and we desperately need the moisture.

Guess I better go start the irrigation. At this point I won’t get finished till almost 10:00 PM and 5:20 AM will be here shortly after.

Bye for now, Harry

Opening Day

Had a lot of fruit stands send their pickers and they found some beautiful berries. Haven’t totaled yet but I am guessing they picked over 200 – 12 pound buckets.

Several You-Pick families and individuals stopped by as well. I think all of them (or at least the leader of the group) were regulars that come every year. They got some nice berries as well.

Here are a handful.blueberries in hand sm