Monthly Archives: April 2015

Change to OPEN date

We are opening on Friday, May 1.

The blueberries are getting ripe FAST. We actually have a lot that are blue, but they aren’t quite sweet enough. By Friday we believe they will be.

The earliest we have ever opened is May 5, so this is our earliest year. Last year we finished on June 28, so we will probably finish early this year as well. Don’t wait too long to come.


Almost time to start picking blueberries!

Hello everyone, David here.

Well, the 2015 blueberry harvest is almost here.

Last year I did’t keep the posts updated but will try to do better this year

Put it on your google calendar and slather sunscreen on the kids, its time to get blueberries as fresh as they come.  We will keep you up to date on the berries and our harvest schedule here, and hopefully get a chance to snap a few pictures of the fruit.

We have officially set the start date as May 11, the Monday after Mother’s day, but I confess, I did eat a couple berries last night when I was irrigating. They were a little tart, but I had already forgotten how GOOD blueberries taste right off the bush! It makes me look forward to irrigating tonight.